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January 9, 2013

Life is good and its taste is unique. In every day life we meet different people with different Faces,Choices and Believe. To get the true taste of life you must have to share it with someone or group of persons. A genuine friendship is more like an organization or a farm work which you must have to put your best every day in order to make the best of it. A true friend is that priceless gift you give to yourself by yourself. I love my friends cause they are the best friends I have.”You are the best friend of your best friend”IMG-20130106-00041.jpg


My New Look

January 9, 2013

Change is constant and as a matter of fact we do change every day in divers ways but the question is ”how does your changes affect your life,positive or negative?good or bad”You see your look has great impact to your value and how people rate you in the Society. Though you can’t change the person in you but you can always change and make people accept the you they by looking good always. This is me in my new world and am living my life. Am happy cause I planned to become happy. Also you have the chances to make the changes you want today and live freely and people will love and adapt to your own style.

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